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Hairdressers Recruitment

If you are an enthusiastic hairdresser, confident and experienced with any hair technique, love customer serivce, welcome to join out team, please email your resume to


Our primary mission is to be able to let everyone who walks on the street with beautiful lovely hair style, also to provide a comfortable, friendly environment with a good quality service but an affordable price, our final goal is to give back to the community.


Thanks  to the world vision, Kayo Hair has own sponsor child Nirmala in Nepal since 2013 , and also we are monthly donating to the “Child Rescue” which helps protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children, also we regularly donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance to provide people with cerebral palsy the support they need to live and enjoy life today and in the future, thanks for our customers support and team , Kayo Hair Design is able to continue to feed back to our Society

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