Hair Treatment (Not include Shampoo and Blow Dry)

    Colour/Perm Pre-treatment(Not Include Shampoo & Blow dry)


    Bob                   10+

    Medium                15+

    Long                  20+

    Very Long/Strong Wave 25+ 


    Napla Intensive 3 Steps After-Treatment (Not include Shampoo and Blow Dry)


    Bob                   45+

    Medium                50+

    Long                  55+

    Very Long/Strong Wave 60+ 

    Cureplex Hair Repair Treatment (2 Steps plus take home Cureplex no 3 Treatment)

    (Not Including Shampoo and Blow Dry) 

    Bob                   80+

    Medium                85+

    Long                  90+

    Very Long/Strong Wave 95+ 

Cureplex is a dual action revolutionary formulation that creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, delivering stronger, healthier hair.

However gentle the formulation, chemical processes always damage the hair. Strength, suppleness and appearance suffer, leaving hair dry, dull and lifeless. Cureplex is designed to be added to chemical mixtures or used in combination with any chemical hair treatment preventing hair damage before it can even start.

No. 1 Bond Creator: Intermixed with the chemical service mixture; creates new bonds while protecting  the existing internal structure. Improves hair’s strength/elasticity.

No.2 Bond Fortifier: Fortifying Rinse fuses newly formed bonds into the cortex while delivering added hydration and nourishment. Smooths the cuticle layer to create a uniform surface.

No.3 Bond Sustainer: Bi-weekly at home treatment delivers emollients to enhance hair’s suppleness and impart shine.